Florida Fandom #1

October 1976


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Here we are for the first time or is it the second?  Issue one is now a reality. We had several changes in contents since we published # zero, but we finally decided on Star Trek.  With George Takei showing up in the area and all the trouble with the states Star Trek clubs and the fact this should be reaching the public at the first Start Trek mini-con in the Palm Beaches in a year!  Well that's the reasons why.  Hope you all like it and let us hear from you.


Vol. One Number One

Oct. 1976

Editor/Publisher: Rick Coy

Asst. Editor/ Wife: Ruth Coy

Published bi-monthly by Coy Productions 133 Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460

All contents copyrighted by their respective owners, all other material copyrighted by Coy Productions and Rick Coy Oct. 1976


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George Takei

If you think small parties are a bore, you've never been to a party put on by Tim Whalen.FF1George1.jpg (72603 bytes)

We were invited to his party (Rick & I) at the last minute.   Usually we aren't party goers, but he was very persistent about it, and it was something different to do.

Anyway when we got there, we were very surprised.

There were less than ten people, and his "guest" was none other than George Takei (Lt.Sulu, on Star Trek).  There he was sitting on the floor wearing his Captain Sulu tee-shirt.  All of us there had met George at Trekon I, but this was different, it was a small personal party with just a handful of people.  We talked about Start Trek, and other T.V. shows, movies, ect., that George has been in.  We also talked about different conventions, and convention people: Con givers and Con goers.

Somehow we got on the subject of Florida, its' accents and food.

Different meanings for he word "Southern Cooking", and dishes, both southern and rather exotic.

Around 11:00PM the party started breaking up, we left around 11:30PM.   We don't know what time George left.  It turned out to be a very enjoyable party, one that I'll remember for a long time.

Peace, Ruth


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as many of you know and some of you don't " Star Trek Federation of Fans" is falling apart, but the chapters are not! It seems that the chapters are forming independent clubs (this was one of the ideas that the Federation had, that each chapter be run like an independent club, so that the whole would not go under when ever Central had problems.)

It seems that the problems started at Trekon II - not being there this writer can only repeat hearsay - but it seems a group of people from Miami (not representatives of the Miami Chapter, mind you) ran a meeting there telling the chapters of the changes that were going to take place.  Most of which were totally out of charter with the Federation.  The biggest objection was that each chapter was to pay a percentage of the dues of each member to Central - in return - the same they were getting before, for their annual dues to Central.  The move would have taken a lot of working capitol from the chapters and make them less inviting to new members.

After this meeting, several chapters dropped and nothing was heard for several months. Then a letter comes out from Houston stating they are now Central and all materials must be bought from them.  The original Board of Directors of Central named Orlando as their successor.  Orlando in a letter to Houston on this point never got a reply, and the grapevine has it that Houston has broken up.

About this time our three in Miami sends out a letter claiming that they were now the Florida Regional Headquarters for "Star Trek Federation of Fans",   they were self-appointed; two of the people were ex-board


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members discharged from the board by John Ellis with the consent of the rest of the board when they wanted to make the club into a profit organization: so as you can see they have no legal right to their position.

In a talk with me one of the three told me several things that I feel were out and out lies: 1) No chapter ever had a copy of the clubs by-laws when Ellis was President:  I was Sec-Tres. when the by-laws were printed and every chapter that joined up to the time of Trekon I had copies - because I personally sent them out.   Also several points in the by-laws where challenged at the Trekon I meeting and were kept. 2) I was also told that the meeting the three were having in Tampa on their rule was being attended by most of the chapters in the State.  I know the following are not: Miami, South Broward, North Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Gaineville;  This leaves the following: Ft. Pierce, Merritt Island, St. Pete, Tampa, and Naples in the state and we don't know for sure if they are going or not.

Now to get to what's happening locally with the clubs.

This is what we know about the Florida chapters:

Palm Beach Chapter - Withdrawn - New name: Start Trek Fans of Florida, P.O. Box 31, Lake Worth, FL 33460  Zine: Dilithium Crystals.

Naples Chapter - Address: Rt. 4 Box 783c, Naples, FL 33940   Affiliated with Miami Chapter.

Merritt Island - Status: Unknown - New address: Unknown.

Tallahassee - Status: Unknown - Address: Rt. 10 Box 1105 Tallahassee, FL 32304

Orlando - Withdrawn - Address: Enterprise One, 436 E. Orange Ave., Longwood, FL 32750

Gaineville - Withdrawn - Address: unknown

Jacksonville - Withdrawn - Name: Star Trek Sector  Address: P.O.Box 5741, Jacksonville, Fl 32207 Zine:Trekscripts.


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Miami - Miami doing something a little different, being one of the original two chapters, they claim the right to the name Star Trek Federation of Fans, with both Naples and South Broward affiliated.  Address: 3010 N.W. 153rd Terr., Opa-Locka, FL 33054.

South Broward - Affiliated with Miami - Address: Unknown.

St. Pete -Status: unknown - Address: 5043 - 22nd Ave. N., St. Pete., FL 33710.

Tampa - Status: unknown - Address: Box 323, Land O'Lakes, FL 33539.

So as you can see there are plenty of Star Trek clubs within the state.

Anyone with information on any of the chapters let us know for next issue, write: R. Coy, 133 Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460.


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Star Trek Books (Pro) on the market today:

Star Trek 1 - 11

Star Trek Log 1 - 8

The Making of Star Trek

The World of Star Trek

The Trouble With Tribbles

The New Voyages

Spock Must Die

Spock, Messiah

The Enterprise Logs

Mission to Horatius

Start Trek Technical Manual

The Enterprise Logs:

For you who enjoy the Star Trek Comics and can't afford to buy the early ones at dealers prices, this is for you.  The Enterprise Logs reprints the first 8 issues of the comics.  If you have never read one of the comics, before buying, spend 30 on a current issue first.  The writers and artist know very little if anything about the show.  Each issue, they do something wrong - in one we find Uhura white, another Sulu black, in still another a blood thirsty Spock.  So if you like anything with Star trek on it - buy away - but, if you get upset by seeing our heroes out of character and the wrong color and rocket exhaust from the Enterprise - stay away from Enterprise Logs and the Star Trek Comics.


If you have a short story or some original art work you would like to have printed send it to us.  If we decide to use it, we will send you a copy of the issue it appears in.

If you have anything send it to: R.Coy, 133 Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460


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This will be the section of Fla. Fandom for comic trading and selling, also any news or information and grips about what's going on.  This issue I am just putting up a few old comics for sale - all comics listed are in good or better condition and I would have in my collection - list alternates and add 50 postage.

Young Romance - 79 - $2.00   Color - 684 - Helen of troy - $1.20     Howdy Dowdy - 37 - $1.00  Color 718 - Taffy - 80  Color 142 - Bugs Bunny - $5.00  Space Adventurees - Vol.3 #3 (Capt. Atom) - $3.00

Super comics reprints (all comics complete most in good or better condition, a few in fair.)

Daring Adventures - 10 - $1.50, 15 - $4.00, 16- $3.00, 17 - $1.50, 18 - $1.50

Danger - 15 - 60 , 17 - 60  , 18 - 60 

Trekon I program book - $1.00

Extra copies of Fla. Fandom zero are available for 10 & 13 stamp.

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Fan Publications in Florida

This is a very small list of zines and newsletters put out in the state - anyone knowing of others, let us know.

Dilithium Crystals - newsletter of Start Trek Fans of Florida.  Free to members, 25 to others: P.O. Box 31, Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Captains Log - newsletter/fanzine of Start Trek Federation of Fans - Miami - Free to members, for info write: STFF - Miami, 3010 N.W. 153rd Terr., Opa-Locka, FL 33054

Trekscripts - newsletter of Star Trek Sector, Jacksonville: Info: P.O.Box 5741, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Hotcha - fanzine published by Larry McHugh - $1.25 : Hotcha, 1201 North "H" St., Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Rockets Blast Comic Collector - published by SFCA 1014 Salzedo, Apt. 10, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Superchicks - Published by Bobby Sommercamp, 1803 Bayor Grande Blvd. N.E., St. Pete., FL 33703

Florida Fandom - published by Coy Productions, 133 Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460

Star Trek Quiz:

Match the character with the episode:

1. Prof. Crater             a. Journey to Babel

2. Miranda                 b. City on the Edge of Forever

3. Christopher Pike    c. Metamorphosis

4. Edith Keeler        d. Menagerie

5. Zefrem Cochran    e. Man Trap

6. Balok                     f. Is There in Truth No Beauty

7. Ruk                        g. Corbonite Maneuver

8. Amanda                 h. What Are Little Girls Made Of


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2004 notice

Note that the information in this issue is now over 25 years old - the ads were left in to show what collector comics were selling for and what fanzines were selling for.  The about of a postage stamp.  The address given you can be pretty sure will not get you any information on what it says.  Now if you were part of any of the above we would love to hear from you and add to our update page a little bit about you.  We had a lot of fun when we put out Florida Fandom.  Issue one was typed on an electric typewriter, then we cut up the pages and pasted them together so it would look like the finished zine, then we would take them to the local instant print shop and have them offset printed.  copy machine were too expensive at this time and looked like junk when used.  You can contact us at floridafandom@yahoo.com or webmaster@floridafandom.com


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