Florida Fandom #3

July 1977



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Here we are at #3.  This time we are a little different.  All the old depts. are still here, but we have added a few things, 4 more pages, the first part of an essay on Jack Kirby, a new superhero and more. Hope you like it and write to us.  Because of the Big Bad Deadline we must wait till Next time for our new superhero.


Florida Fandom


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Florida Fandom

Vol. One. Number Three

July 1977

Editor/Publisher: Rick Coy

Ast Editor/ Wife: Ruth Coy

Published by Coy Productions. 133 Akron St. Lake Worth, FL 33460

All materals copyright July 1977, by their respective owners.  All other materals copyright, July 1977 by Coy Productions and Rick Coy.


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This section will contain listings of fan clubs, zines, and fan shops in hte sstate.   lot of the info is from fans who have sent it to us and we do not have the time to check everything out.  Send a SASE to the people before going half way accross state to check on a store or send money for a zine.

CLUBS( *means we do not have correct name).

FAILSAF - Palm Beach County - Adult S.F. adn Fansy organization - interested partties can send SASE to FF for more info.

SPACE COAST STAR TREK CLUB - Ray Herz - 805 Hillcrest Ave., Titusville, FL 32780.

*UF STAR TREK/SF CLUB - 300 SW Reiz Union, Gainesville, FL 32611.

*TALLAHASSEE STAR TREK CLUB - Gail Saville, 2605 Tupelo Terrace, Tallahassee, FL 32303.

PANAMA ASSOCIATION OF TREKKIES - Robert Teague - 1900 Clay Ave., Panama City, FL 32401.

TANTALUS COLONY-5(Was Tampa STFF) 2610 E. 109th Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

STORES (* means we have been there)

*PHILS PHANTASIES - Moved to Oakland Park Flea Mkt. (Ft. Laud.) Oakland Park Blvd, & 31 Ave.  Fri. - Sat. 10 - 9 Sun. 10 - 7

STAR TREK COMIC SHOP - LaGaleria Bazaar, 566 W 49th St. Hialeah, FL

ZINES (*We have read)

*FANDOM TRADER - Bobby Sommercamp - Free - 1803 Bayou Grande Blvd. NE, St Pete, FL

STARR PUBLICATIONS - Henry Malanowski - 1200 NW 116 Terr., Miami, FL 38168.  Star Book, Hands in the Dark, Galactic Outpost - 40 each


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This something very important in fandom.  Whenever you are fwriting for information on a club, zine, or fan project enclose a SASE.  Although these people may be asking for money for their product or service - 98% of the money they ask will help them break even if they are lucky.  So don't forget send the SASE. (SASE= Self Addressed Stamped Enevelope)

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2004note - this is scan of an article that came from another mag that was just pasted into FF3

ANSWERS TO LAST ISSUES START TREK QUIZ: 1. Amanda 2. Kor 3. Gunfight at OK Corral 4. A Warlock Alien 5. A Super Weapon 6. Research Biologist 7. A cloud that gave up immortality ofr love 8. Yeoman 9. Red 10. Surak 11. 18 years 12. Andorians


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Kirby's Second Marvel-out Age?

by Phil Raymondo

The bruhaha surrounding hte return of Jack Kirby to the House of Marvel is now so much history.  Enought time has passed so that the initial title can be ignored, and the books assessed solely on their merits as "story".

Before I begin such an attemp at an analysis, let me say right up front that Jack Kirby is just about the only reason I still buy the 30 and soon-to-be 35 (ridiculously overpriced for the amount of story contained therein) overground comic.   The rest of the hoard (with the exception of Conan, the promoise of Warlord and Logan's Run, and the glimmer on the horizon of Star Wars and the John Carter of Mars series) has slid with great alacrity into oblivion.  I see many of hte ominous portents--almost equal numbers of pages of story and ads, resurrection of characters better left in comic book heaven (or hell)---that accompanied the demiss of EC in the 50's and ushered in the era of blah comics.

Kirby is one of the very few motivating forces left in overground comics today, the rest having forsaken the field for more artistically suitable areas of endeavour, like Barry Smith, Neal Adams and Michael Kaluta.  Kirby, for whatever reasons, has chosen to remain in the four-colors werein he has worked and developed these many years.

I know of few other writers who are able to consistently invent and then logically deal with  the effects of such imaginative concepts.  While I sometimes disagreee with his handling of them, he can toss off more iteas and then explore their consequences (within the restrictions imposed by the comic medium and his own dynamic art style) better than most writers in the science-fiction and fantasy today.


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As for his art, what more can I add to the myriad of things that have been said by so many over the years?  I've been a fan of his artwork since the early days of Fantastic Four #, but fell in love when he really hit his stribe, that cosmic approach, with the introduction of the Inhumans and Galactus in the FF and the stories in Tales of Asgard.  From here he's imporved almost constantly.

If there is one major failing in the style of Kirby the stroyteller, it is the mismatch of his writing and his artwork.  His art is so dynamic, so cosmic, that it lends itself not at all to anything less than gigantic, sweeping narratives.  The style of impressionism, of exaggeration, was the downfall of many of his "personal" books at National.  Kamandi, the Demon, OMAC, and many other books outside of the tetralogy suffered in this regard: the stories did not hae the same scope as the art.

Even some of the titles of the Forth World fell short of the perfect blend.  Of the tetralogy only the New Gods had the necessary setting to fit the style of art, with cosmos-spanding action and larger than life conflicts.  Issue #7 was far and away the best of all eleven publishe; the story was extremely powerful and the art matched it superbly.  Especially good were the depiction of  the snowballing technology of war (we can all learn a valuable lesson here), and the soul-searching and ultimate rejection of war by Izaya: excellent!  The continuation of the "origin" in Mister Miracle #9 was not quite as well written, but was head and sholders abouve any other stsory of this particular series.  These two books are the crowning achievements of all 40 - odd issues.


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The specific problem is that Kirby is not reallly a writer.  His triumphs of the 60's were all a product of his plotting and Stan Lee's writing.   Compare any issue of hte FF containing the Inhumans form this period,  when Kirby was in hs prime at art and plots with Lee at the typewriter, to the four solo adventures of the same Inhumans in Amazing Adventures, with all writing and art by Kirby just prior to his move to National.  There is a world of difference: dialogue is poor, most names are bad, even the overall "feel" of the stories in Amazing Adventures is wrong.

Most of Jack Kirby's faults are not quite so evident inthe efforts produced durnign his heyday at Marve3l (which I define as FF#43, up to his departure for National) because of the presence of a writer (at least, more of one than Kirby seems to be at times)  to smooth out the elements fo the story, andd the dialogue, make the names, etc.

The move away from the inherent limitations of the FF and THor was absolutely necessary in hs development.  However, the smae faults showed up in the National titles as they are in the present Marvel ones, as did the Kirby strenghts.   Other factors forced him to work on stories which highlighted his faults more than hs strngths after the failure (for whatever reason) of the extremely personal and groundbreaking tetralogy.

It was the absence of an outside writer/editor with effective power over Kirby's work at National which practically assured his retrun to Marvel.  The return hasn't changed the situation; Kirby still lacks this outside influence to help channel and review where necessary all the creativity that practically spurts out of every pore.


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An example of a minor but very annoying fault, not nearly so bad as the sometimes incompatibitity of the story and art, is his nomenclature.  He goes through a great deal of trouble to construct an engaging story (at his best) and embellish it with super art, then wham! up comes a couple of perfectly dreadful names, and down comes the story.

In many of the books and articles that Lin Carter has written about the craft of weaving imaginative literature (one must certaily include comics with this realm), he states again and again the importance of names in sustaining the "willing suspension of disbelief" so vital in any story of the genre.  Most of Kirby's names are direct violation of htis criterion.

Some names are simple respellings of other names which can be traced to their origins with ridiculous ease:  Izaya, Apokolips, Darkseid, DeSaad, Ishtak (Orion and Metron, by comparison, are excellent choices for they are good names, easy on the eyes and fitting the characters).  Then there are the names athat just plain ridiculous:  Baron Von Evilstein (ugh!) Dr. Skuba, Seaweed, Al Feefer the Hog, General Electric, Brut, Glob---yuck!  It is quite evident that these names can easily pop the fantastic illusions that he strves so hard to construct in the rest of the story.

All of Kirby's present work is, to one extent or another, a direct carryover from his aborted stay at National, although reworked itnot he Marvel framework, resulting in an output that is 50% straight Kirby adn 50% Marvel.

TO BE CONNTINUED NEXT ISSUE be sure to get the next issue of Florida Fandom


We do not dwell in outer space...nor on a platform...but here on Earth. Lafayette Interstellers, 30 N 19th St. Lafayette, Indianna 47904


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On Logan's  Run we are losing a comic and gaining a TV show, (it seems the two are interelated, the producers don't want two different Logans, so the comic goes).  There is also going ot be a second book, which is slated to become a movie.


August 26 - 28, 1977 - B'HAMACON, the 15th DeepSoutCon, will be at the Parliament House Motel in Birmingham, AL. GoH is Michael Bishop, Fan GoH's are Charlie and Dena Brown of LOCUS, toastmaster is Hank Reinhardt.  Checks for $5 membership ($8 after August 15) and room reservations, as well as huckster table reservations ($10.00 first, $5 for each additional) should go to the Chair, Penny Frierson, 3705 Woodvale Road, Birmingham, AL 35223 - reserve rooms early, the motel will be filled on Friday night.   PR II should be enclosed with your bulletin.  Other professional guests in attendance will be Andrew J Offutt, Charles L. Grant (short story Nebula winner for 1976), David Gerrold, Gerald W Page, Jack Dann,  George RR Martin,  Grant Carrington,   R.A. Lafferty, and Gene Wolfe.  More are expected.  Fannish events, trivia contest, panels, art show (run by Ken Moore), huckster room, filem (Dark Star & 2001 are headliners), banquet (Pay at the con), awards, hearts tournament, hospitality suite, game room, SFC meeting.  Rooms (with tax) will run 21.20 single, $27.56 double.


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Here are some of the letters we got about issue number two

Dear Rick,

FF seems to be really shaping up into something I think is very necessary here - a source of information on the state of the fan population, specifically here in South Florida.  For me that means things like the Where to Shop sections - small maps might be helpful, perhaps spotlighting one or two shops per issue in some detail ( specialties, hours, etc.). Also I hope to see more letters, a forum for those here who feel somewhat adrift and out of touch - I'd like to find a few people to get togher ona somewhat regular basis to discuss comics, art, etc.


Phil Raymondo

(We will try and give as much info on the fans shops as possible, but at this tiem we are only relating info that has been sent to us. - Now about more letters - this is what we are hoping for.  This was the main reason behind FF was to give the local fans a sounding board --RC)

Dear Rick:

#2 had a very fine cover indeed.  It reminds me of some of the early issues of Ron Smith's INSIDE.  Th theme, that of a space vehicle crossing the vicinity of a sun, is one of hte most respectable in fandom.  Except there's some equipment trailing out behind it?  Never mind, the balance was superb.  A lot of people would have located that thing centrally, but you didn't and thus distinguished yourself as a photo expert rather


Page 12

than a displayer of pictures.  One gets the feeling in looking at it that it will soon blast off for mercury with Gully Flyle aboard, yelling space imprecations.

Liked the desceiption of Logan's Run, and will keep those zine corrections in mind.


John Thiel

Lafayette, Indiana

Rick & Ruth,

Even though I am not a Florida resident,  I found FF quite enjoyable.   The Florida scene is interesting.  As for Coys Comic Corner, I couldn't agree with you more.  I also collect old Capt. Marvels (somewhat) & the new Cap is going too far into the TV Scene.


Scott Topping

Dowagiac, MI

(This is it for letters this issue.  We hope to have a lot more next time.  Sorry that Coys Comic Corner is just an ad this time, but for once I have more materal than I have space - hint some ads will give me the money to print more pages - till next time.  Rick and Ruth.


Next issue we will have some more of the Kirby essay, updates, Coys Comic Corner and much more.  The next issue should be out by the end of Sept. or the first of OCt., so all ads, sotroies, and so on should be to us no later than Sept. 5th.   Waiting for materals has been one of the delays with this issue and we don't need that.  If you feel left someone out or you know of something that would be interest to other fans about Florida write and let us know.  Next issue will be this size and cost 50 fi the price of printing doesn't go up.


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If you like Science Fiction, Adventue, Comedy, Action, Spcial Effects, Drama or just a good movie, see STAR WARS a movie for everyone.  This film is the best S.F.  film that has been made.  Its what you imagine when you read a space opera type story and said "This can't ever be made into a movie".  This issue I am not going to say much about it.  Let us know what you think about it, and we will print comments next time.

Coy's Comic Corner

COMICS FOR SALE............................

Blue Beetle (Fox) #44 - $6.00, #47 - $9.00, #54 - $20.00, Blue Beetle (Charlton) V.2#1 - $3.50, V2#5 - $1.50, V3#52 - $1.50, V3#53 - $1.50, V3#54 - $1.50, #1 - $3.00, #2 - $2.00, 3 - 5 - $1.50@, Capt. Atom - #75 - $3.00, #77 - $2.50, #78 - #89 - $2.00@, Fly (Fly-Man) - 6,7,10 - $3.00, 15,27,29,30,32, 38, 39 - $1.50@, Jaguar - 1- $5.00, 4,8,12,13,15 - $1.50@  As these comics are from my collection there is only one of each so list alternates.

Trekon I program books - $1.00.

FF#1 - 25 (plus 13 stamp unless being sent with a comic order)   FF#2 - 25

The following Star Trek comics are 60 each 26, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43.

Howard the Duck - 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 - 50 @.


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The 35th World Science Fiction Convention will be held September 2 - 5 at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.  Any of you who are into S.F. this is a must.  WOrld Con is attended every year by the real Greats in the world of science fiction.  This is the Con that gives out the honored Hugo award.

GofH: Jack WIlliamson   Toastmaster: Robert Silverberg.   Membership: $20.00 attending $7.50 supporting.  Cutoff date is Aug. 1, 1977 and the cost at the door may be more.  Send check or MO to:  SUNCON, 35th World Science Fiction Convention, BOx 3427, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. (make check out to SUNCON)


The Trekon refered to in TBD 178 is not to be confused with Palm Beach ConI/Trekon International 1975 or Trekon I for short.  He is referring to the West Coast Trekon II held in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.  We are hoping Mr. Light will varify this in print so that people will know what con he is talking about.


The latest seems that there wil be no movie, but there will be a new TV show.  Most of the orginal cast will be in it.  We do not know at this time who that is.  We feel that STAR WARS helped change their mind on making the Star Trek movie as there is not way they could come close to it.


Back Cover

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2004 Update

Just remember that the above is over 25 years old.  Ads and Address are not correct anymore. It's fun reading some of the things about Star Trek as they were leaked to the rumor mill.  Movie to TV show.  I have read, but never seen, that there were scripts made for a Star Trek 2 TV show starring the orginal cast about the second five year mission.  The movie made that idea come to an end fast.