Florida Fandom #4

Sept. 1977



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Here we are with number 4.  This issue was planned completely until Ruth and I saw Star Wars for the third time.  We scrapped alle xcept part two of Phil Raymondo's Kirby artcle.

We hope you all will enjoy this issue.  Our letter coloum will be small this time as we are writing it at the same time the ads are breaking for issue 3.   May The Force Be With You.


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Florida Fandom Vol. ONe Number Four. Sept. 1977     Editor/Publisher: Rick Coy   Asst. Ed./Wife: Ruth Coy

Published by Coy Productions 133 Akron St. Lake Worth, FL 33460

STAR WARS copyright 1977 by 20th Century Fox Film COrporation.

All materals copyright Sept. 1977, by their respective owners.  All other materals copyright, Sept. 1977 by Coy Productions and Rick Coy


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Next issue UPDATE will be back to it regular size iwth stores, clubs, and more zines, so let us know of any new clubs, stores and so on......


1) When Ben was teaching Luke the ways of the FORCE what was his opponent?

2)  What detention block was the princess in?

3) Who was aster Han Solo in the Cantina?

4)Who was paying him to get Han?

5)What was the name of Han's Ship?

6) At what docking bay was (#5) located?

7) What race was Han Solo?

8) What factor past light speed could #5 go?

9) What fee did Han and Ben agree on?

10) Before entering the Garbage chute what did the princess call Han?

Answers to the quiz in the next issue of Florida Fandom


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Kirby's Second Marvel-ous Age?

Phil Raymondo

I had a couple of long discussions with Kirby at Miamicon I in December of 75.  Here he mentioned that the concept he most enjoyed working with was "long-underwear mythology", the blending of heroic fantasy and comicbook superheroes.  It shows---the New Gods was far away the most cohesive series he's produced.  It must have been somewhat disappointing to him to sketch only 60's Marvel heroes at this Con, after such great work.   (I must confess that I contributed to that--on my studio wall hangs a beautiful sketch of the Hulk and the Thing armwrestling.)

Now all this leads up to Kirby's latest attempt at his "god-hero" concept, the Eternals, so far the best of his present Marvel Titles.

His approach here is radically different:  he's taking his time developing all the concepts and (to a lesser extent so far) the characters of the series in depth, as opposed to the NEw Gods where the action began immediately (as did loose ends) and the explanation came late (perhaps too late) in the series.  This careful expolition of all the background will provide a good solid foundation for all the developments to follow.  Almost all good heroic fantasy spends a great deal of time laying froundwork; it is a necessity.  Tolkein( with his plethora of maps, linguistics, and other appendices, not to mention the Hobbit and the rest of the long chapter 2 of the first book), Carter, Eddison, deCamp, Cambell, Burroughs, etc., all take care to fully delineate the uiverse where all the action takes palce and the personalities causing the action.

His use of concepts espoused by Von Daniken and their skillful blend into the storyline adds the feel of timeliness and plausibility lacking in the hastily-presented "origin" of the Tetralogy--that symbolic destruction of Marvel's Asgard and its formation into the goo/evil "god-places' more suit-


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able for the concepts at National.  Here's more evidence of that logical extension of the possible that Kirby is so good at.

The writing is more concise, each story being complete in itself yet definitely related to the whole plotline.  One of the failing of the New Gods ws the disjointed nature of ht series--one story or a set of stories weren't always clearly tied to any of the others.  The dialoque is better in the Eternals than in many other Kirby titles, the names for the most part are good to excellent, and the art as usual is superb.

Two items are critical for further imporvement in the series: increased character development and an isolation form the run -of -the-mill Marvel universe.   Issue #11 (the latest one I have) starts the ball rolling in the right direction in the area of characterization.  The introduction of the rest of the Polar Mountain gang, most especially Druig (shades of Metron!) and their interrelationships brings us to the point at which the New Gods started off with no introdiction at all.  The message from the Uni-Friend writing upon the link wall giving the counsel of the Source, the gathering of all the Eternals to form the Uni-Mind both offers the same opportunity ofr an effective biginning of the major conflicts.

There should now be more emphsis on Ikarus as the main character, which has been unclear point up until now due to the lengthy introduction.  We should see more of the conflicting natures both within the various characters themselves and in their dealing with each other and in the situations of their own making which of times get out of their control.

It was the exploration of these types of conflicts that made the New Gods the excellent series that it was.  Evidently, Marvel and Kirby anticipate a long life for the series, and one hopes that the dramatic intensities of New Gods #7 adn Mister Miracle #9 can be regained.


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The dark cloud hanging over this series is the intrusion of the other denizens of the Marvel universe into this Kirby one.  To keep the series improving no such intrusionmust occur, but of this I dispair.  Don MacGregor in the latest MEDIASECNE points out that comics latest course is towards sales in other media, thus stories have to retrnch in 60's ruts to recapture those who have since grown out of reading comics, using the old characters with which they are familiar.  Guest appearances spur sales and obtain that mass audience -- itis sad to realize that the Eternals will be no exception, stifling the development of an innovative series, as always seems to be the case.



This issue we start something new: THE SNODGRASS REPORT by Dale Snodgrass.  This will now be a regular feature in FF.

   THE SNODGRASS REPORT............................................


STAR WARS has been called the best movie of the year.  We have to disagree.  We believe it is the best movie ever made!

Some have criticised he use of sound effects, such as the roar of the TIE fighters.  It is our contention that these people are more interested in seeing a documentary film on space flight, rather than an entertaining movie.  We know that sound does not travel in space.  However, that is not why the roar is used.

It is common knowledge that sound can cause reactions to the nervous system.  ager all, this is the main reason for objection ot the S.S.T.  Film makers have been suing sounds to highten the effect of a movie for years; most of it acting subconsciouly.  This hold ture for STAR WARS.


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The roar of the TIE fighters makes them seem all that more deadly.   Ever had a train bear down on lyou with no sound?  Without the noise a train makes it doesn't seem at all terrifying.  We know this to be true, for we once sat at the train station with a pair of ear muffs on that blocked all sounds.  Then we tried with no muffs on.  The roar of a trains horn is very unsettling to us.  Which is why trains have horns in the first place; they signify danger.  This has been drilled into our subconscious from early childhood.

Therefore, when we see a movie with a ship bearing down on another, the use of a roar strikes out subcounscious and it signals danger.

As to the use of music in Star Wars, well ever hear a band play Sousa march and not feel like marching yourself?  We do.  Music can be used to protray love, hate, fear, courage, and all emotions.  And those people without emotions do not belong on this planet.  They belong were everything is run on logic (Maybe that's why their ears are so long, from straining to hear with their minds what we hear with our hearts).

All in all, we believe that the score from STAR WARS should receive the highest award possible for a score in a motion picture;  and that the effects, including hte sound effects, be rated at the top.  Is the Academy paying attention?


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When Rick first told me about Star Wars, I said, "Oh no not another Science Fiction movies, besides I think (thought) Logan's Run is the best". Well, he practically had to drag me to see Star Wars, and I'm very glad my resistance was low at the time, because I think Star Wars is Fantastic.

It is not completely a science fiction movie, it is a fairy tale, with the hero rescuing the Princess (just in the nick of time.) A swashbuckler, (with sword fighting, ket al.) A western (with the 'showdown' in the cantina.) and of course a 'War' movie(the Dogfights.)

It is a combination of all these things and more.  We have bee to see Star Wars 3 times, at this writing.  And everytime it gets to the destruction of the Death Star, and the audience claps and cheers.

I have heard some people don't like it, all I can say is I think you are out numbered 1000 to 1.  Everyone I know that has seen it says that they liked it.   Some didn't understand parts of  it, but what they could grasp of the movie tey enjoyed, they all feel they got their moneys worth.

That's enough of my opinion.  Now let's hear yours!!

May the force be with you, (even you non-believers).....Always.


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There is only one word for Star Wars and thats "FANTASTIC".   I have been into SF&F since I was six years old (way back in 1956).  I have loved such movies as FORBIDDEN PLANET,  THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, 2001, LOGANS RUN and many of the lesser films.

Started reading with the OZ books and around age 9 read by first book by the all father Robert Heinlien, it was one of his Juvinale(?) and it coverted me reading wise to SF&F.

Being a fan of SF stories I though they would never come out with a rea good space adventure movie.  The above four I had felt was to be the best  and that we would have to go with.  Then several months ago I saw a book called STAR WARS, From the Adventures of Lucke Skywalker.  Soon to be a major motion picture.   I thought "Oh No, another attempt to cash in on Star Trek."

A few months pass and out comes Marvel Comics adaption of "STAR WARS", being a true comic collector I picked it up, after all it was a number one and SF.  It was good.  But I still though the movie would look cheap besides it, afer all things they can do in a comic they can't do in a movie.

Then the big day comes STAR WARS was opening in town - by this time with three issues of the Marvel adaption under my belt I did want to see the film.  Being one who hates to stand in lilne we waited until the next day to go and went to the 5PM showing which they left out to the paper.

By this time I am ready for a SF flick up there iwth my favorites, but lo----On the screen the words----ALONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY...I was transformed into a Star Warite.  I have never been so caught up in a movie before.   Whenever I came up for air I would think " They can't be doing that!"   It was a dream come true.  A space opera on the screen and done right.


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On seeing the movie for the third time I noticed something I hadn't before.  The first time Luke uses the force (outside of the remote) was when he thinks Darth Vader had killed Obiwan, he takes his blaster and starts shooting.  He doesn't miss ( I have this segment on Super 8) each shoot gets a storm trooper.  When Han tells him to get the blast doors he hits it the first time.  Early in the movie Luke is not this type of shot.

All in all I don't think words are strong enough to project my feelings on Star Wars.

I feel an instant hate for people who say Star Wars is not a good moive! (but upon asking whem what about it hey did not like they answer - "Oh! I haven't seen it, I just can't stant that Science Fiction Junk!)  I'm also ready to fight reviewers who nitpick the film.  It's pretty bad when a reviewer wants to say something bad about a flick they must nit-pick.  Most who have done so are fans.   I guess they must find something wrong with Star Wars to prove they are Big Name Fans, or some such thing.  Most of the things brought up by these people are not valid.

One reviewer claims the Princess shows no real emotion to the death of her world - he doesn't bother to mention Alderan goes Bang and the scene changes to Luke and gang and we don't see how the Princess reacts at all on the screen.

Others have said that Spaceships could't be built like the ones in Star Wars, SO?  Star Wars isn't about Earth and who's to say what an alein technolgy could develop?

Now that I have given some of my views and Ruth gives hers, lets' hear from others and especially from some one that didn't like tit. (Pleas give exact quadrant of your home for photon Torpedoes.)



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Coys Comic Corner

Since this is the STAR WARS issue of FF we will talk about SF in comics.   We will only cover a few of hte present color comics in print at this time.

The current fare seems to consist of Star Trek by Gold Key, Star Wars by Marvel, and DC hittting out with StarFire, Star Hunters, and Warlord.  Lets take a look at each of these:

STAR TREK:  Gold Key has taken a show that was a real winner and made it into a real loser.  If it wasn't for the fact that the fans of this great show have the bad habit of buying anything with its name on it this comic would have been gone long ago.

STAR WARS: Marvel is doing a real fine job of turning the words greastest SF movieinto comic form, althoughit does lose some of its impact.

STAR FIRE: DC's best in the SF field.  The tale of a distance future were Earth has been taken over  by invaders and the fight of humanity to regain it.  Surpremacy led by the firey lady StarFire.

WARLORD: Adventure in an alternate world (which DC has a lot of.)   Again DC uses a non-space SF adventure.

STAR HUNTERS:  This seems at this time to be DcC way of cashing in on STAR WARS, and only time will tell.  On the whole it seems to be a trend in going towards SF.  Even the more popular Superheroes are starring in stories that have a SF flavor to them.  Lets hope that the comics will turn out good SFD adventure, not just hompe to sell nothering stories on the name SF now that STAR WASRS Is such a hit.  Next time we will talk about some of the other SF coomics like: Logans Run, Gardians of the Galaxy, Joh Carter, Warlord of Mars, Space 1999, and the Marvel black and whites.


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Rick Coy 133 Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460

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March 17 - 19 - Hilton Inn South, 7400 International Drive, Orlando, FL. $7.00 advance, $12.00 at door.  For more info send SASE to: ORAGNGECON'78, 6913 Mediterranean, Orlando FL 32807.  Chairman: Adrienne L. Hayworth.


The list of STAR WARS materals seems to be growing day by day.  To date we have seen: buttons with every possible saying from the show, T-shirts of all kind, bumber stickers, Death Star boarding pass, Jadi-knight membership card, magazines, posters, prints, masks, Han Solo wanted poster, neckace, trading cards and there is promosie of models and a line of toys from Kenners.


Sorry no space for a letter col this issue., next time we will tell a little about ORlandocoan 77 adn give a list of dealers that carry the Star Wars items listed above.  Till next time Peace.


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DARTH VADER is drawn by Mark Cantrell of Okeechobee FL.  Mark has done much artwork for other Florida fanzines including Star Tricks in the Tholian Regastry.  Next issues cover will have artwork by Mark in it.

PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA is by Thomas O'Reilly.  Tom is a free-lance artist who's into Good Girl Art.  If you are interested in a club about GGA drop him a line and a SASE.  Send to: Thomas O'Reilly - 522A W. Graighead Rd., Charlotte NC 28206 (Add a $1.00 and he will include 24 sample GGA portraits from Movies and TV.


back cover

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2004 update

Again remember the above is over 25 years old.  And as you can see Star Wars was BIG.  For those of you who are not old enought to remember or were born when Star Wars first came out - can't realize How different it was from SF before it.   Today we have effects on TV that are much better than the ones from Star Wars - but up till that time computers had not been used for SF animations.  It was the begining.      From here on out you will be seening more and more artwork in the old issues - if you are or no how to contact one of these artist - get in touch with me.