My wife, Ruth’s Mother had to undergo an operation in New Mexico and we needed to go out there, so she could be with her. (We lived in Florida at the time). Because of time and money we took a Greyhound Bus.  A 46 hour trip. The bus ride was like one long day with two periods of dark, after the trip a shower and bed were very welcome. We had never been out west before and saw so things for the first time. Our stop over in Dallas we past were JFK had been shot. In Louisiana we crossed the Mississippi right before sunrise outside of Baton Rouge and we traveled through some of the bayou country.

We got to New Mexico at 5 am in the morning, so when the sun rose we were in the desert. A road runner was running along side the bus. (Didn’t see the coyote!) Snow capped mountains were in the distance. (something we didn’t see in Florida).

While we were there Ruth step dad made sure we got to see some of the sites around Albuquerque.