Florida Fandom 2

Feb. 1977

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I want to start off by saying we are sorry about being a few months late, but thigs kept coming up that caused delay.

To help future issues we would like any of you who know of fan happenings in the state to drop us a line.  The more sources we get the broader the scope of our coverage.

We got a letter claiming we were nothing but Star Trek.  I hope that we will have more and more on other parts of fandom in future issues, but it seems that 9/10 of organized fandom in Florida is Star Trek.  Well now on with the zine.



Editor/publisher: Rick Coy    Ass.t Editor/Wife: Ruth Coy

Published by Coy Productions, 133˝ Akron St., Lake Worth, FL 33460.

All material copyright© March 1977 by their respective owners.  All other material copyright © March 1977 by Coy Productions and Rick Coy.


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Logan's Run

Logan's Run, I think, was a really great movie.  I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but this is my opinion.  This article is going to be about Logan's Run, the stars, and material that has come out as a result.  For those of you that have seen it already, I won't go into too much detail on the movie.

Logan 5 (Michael York), is a Sandman.  A Sandman's job is to terminate Runners.  Logan goes about his job the same as any other Sandman.   Until he is robbed of his last, precious years by the computer.  His life clock says he has to go on Carosel adn be renewed, but he now fears that he will be killed and that no one is ever "Renewed".  He seeks help from a woman, Jessica 7 (Jenny Agutter), whom he feels can lead him to Sancturary.  She is hesitant at first but Logan's actions speak louder than words, and his attitude towards his fellow Sandmen becomes one of fear and hostility.  Thus begins LOGAN'S RUN......................

Materials that are out, relating to Logan's Run:  Soundtrack from the picture, on MGM Records

And the Marvel Comics version of the picture....Some of you may feel that a comic couldn't do it justice...That's what I though....We are all wrong....I feel that Marvel did a very nice job on its' adaption adn I think its' sequel may live up to some of our expectations....Although it is much to early to judge the sequel portion one way or hte othr.  But if the sequel follows the original storys' course it should turn out to be extremely good....

Let me know what you thought of Logan's Run, (the movie, record or comic).   I liked it and I hope a lot of people did.  Write me and let me know what you thought.



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Some corrections first:

HOTCHA is only $1.00 not $1.25 as reported last issue.

SUPERCHICKS: 75˘ from Bobby Sommercamp, 1803 Bayou Grande Blvd. NE St. Pete, FL 33703

Now for some other zines within the state:

STAR TREK MAGAZINE: Puplished by UFP, P.O.Box 10354, St. Pete, FL 33733. $1.50.  A real nice zine for trek fans.

PARAGON PUBLICATIONS: Paragon puts out several comics, the we have read are: TARA ON THE DARK CONTINENT - !.25+30˘, PARAGON SUPERHEROS - $1.00+30˘ and FEM FANTASTIQUE #2 -$3.00+30˘.  Send to Paragon, 1515 Bowman Dr., Tallahassee, 32303. Real nice comics.

AVENT: 75˘ from Vincent Blesi, 4708 Bay Vista, Tampa, FL 33611.


THE BOOK STOP/ PHILS PHANTASIES - Oakland Town Mall, 1001 W. Oakland Park Blvd. (Tues.-Fri. 12 - 9, Sat. 10 - 9, Sun. 12 - 6)

ENTERPRISE I- 400 N. Hwy 17-92, Longwood, FL 32750.

STARSHIP ENTERPRISE- 1788 NE 163 St., N. Miami Bch, FL 33162.

Know of any other shops dealing in old comics, Star Trek, and so on let us know and we will list them.


FULL PAGE: $7.50   HALF PAGE: $4.00   CENTERFOLD: $20.00   BACKCOVER: $10.00

CLASSIFIED: 50˘  per 15 words-----5˘ per extra word.


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If you are into S.F., Comics, Star Trek, or other fan activities and live in Florida, and are not a member of SFC, why not?????  You say you never heard of it!!! Now I know some Florida fans have heard of it, because there are people living in the state listed as members. (MANY PROS AND BIG NAME FANS ARE FROM OUR STATE). Now, to stop going around in circles and tell you a little about SFC.  For $1.0 a year you can become a member and you will recieve in the SFC bulletin information on what's happening in fandom in the south and you also get a roaster of other members with notations as to what their interests are.

Deep South Con is also one of their projects.  I find it a very worthwile organization to belong to.  With World Con coming to Florida this is a good time for all fans in the state to get more nvolved.

For the dollar it costs you to join SFC, you can not beat the amount of information you get.  To join, send your dollar to: Meade Frierson, P.O.Box 9032, Birmingham, Alabama 35213.

The person who got me going on this subject is Irvin Koch of Tenn., who put on Chattacon.  In a letter to me he wanted to know how involved Florida fans were, and, outside of the small group in the Palm Beaches, I really didn't know, so let's get involved...

NEXT ISSUE.........

We will be raising the price to 50˘ adn adding more pages.  We will have an artcle on Kirby by Phil Raymondo and several other surprises - it should be out no latter than July.


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Complaint of the issue: DC handling of Captain Marvel.  In current issues, it seems they are trying to make the "Big Red Cheeze" more & more like the Shazam TV show (YUK!).  Be a C.M. fan and spending hard earned money on such great titles of yesterday as, "The Adventures of Capt. Marevel", "Whiz Comics", "Marvel Family", "Capt. Marvel JR.",. and so on, it distresses me to see the new stories handled so poorly.

Ever since C.C. Beck left DC the Marvel stories have been going down hill. (Beck, by the way, lives in Miami, FL and was the original Capt. Marvel artist in the 40's). Alas I would rather see Golden Age reprints that what's being handled us today.

By now if your local paper is going to have it, you should have seen the Spiderman strip - it's good, but one comment "How can you have the origin of Dr. Doom without Reed Richards?"

Now comes the part of Coy's Comic Corner I like best - Comics for sale!

Howard the Duck.............................................4 - 75˘, 6,7,8,9,10 - 50˘ each

Conan..............................................................37 - $1.00, 50, 53, 60, 63 - 40˘ each

Joker 1 - 50˘, Balck Goliath 1 - 50˘, Sherlock homes 1 - 50˘, Ka-Zar 2 - 50˘, Manthing 13 - 50˘, New Gods 10 - $11.00, Captian Canuck 1 - $1.00, 2 & 3 50˘ each, Archie 79 - $1.00, Betty and Veronica 20 - $1.00, Boy 49 - $5.00, 74 - $3.00, 99 - $2.00,

The following Star Trek comics are 60˘ each: 26, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43.

Avengers Annual 1 - $3.75, 2 - $1,25, 5&6 60˘ each.


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Ther's really no update at this tiem we can give you on hte movie that hasn't been reprinted 100 different places alread, so we won't.  There seems to be a rush on coming out iwth new merchandise all the time.  The new trading cards say watch for the movie, so this is a step in the right direction.......

Log 9 is out...............................


For all who though that John Ellis had vanished from the face of the earth - he has not, (for you who are saying, &quuot;who the heck's John Ellis??" He's the first and longest lasting president of the now defunct "Start Trek Federation of Fans").  John wants everyone that's looking for him to know that he will be in touch as soon as possible.  John said he is working on some projects and may have some surprises for everyone in the near future.  After spening about 6 hours at our place John again took off for his new home.

Thanks to both Meade Freirson and Danny Quitter for letting John know that Star Trek Fans of Florida was looking for him.


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This is an update on the previous list of Star Trek Clubs:

St. Pete is now - United Fans of Pinellas.  The United Fans of Pinellas are working on a plan for uniting Fandome (mainly Star Trek Fandom).  They are going ot need money to get this progect going and if you a club officer, fanzine publisher, or Fan Dealer get in touch with them.  We are backing them 100% as it could be something that fandom has needed (especially Star Trek Fandom).

For more info write Richard Clabaugh c/o UFP, P.O. Box 10354 St. Petersburg, FL 33733.  I will be writing Richard for more info for next issue.

Miami is now know as "Star Trek United Federation of Fans"

The address of the Tampa club is: 2610 E. 109th Ave. Tampa, FL 33612.

Names and address of other Florida Star Trek clubs were listed in issue one.


1. Who was Spocks mother?

2. Who was the Klingon military governor of Organia?

3. What conflick was staged by the Melkotians?

4. Who was Korob?

5. What was the Doomsday Machine?

6. What was Sam Kirk's occupation?

7. What or who was the "Companion"?

8. What was the rank of Janice Rand?

9. What is the color of the Vulcan Sky?

10. Who was Vulcan's foremost philosopher of peace?

11. How long did Spock's father refuse to speak to him?

12. What intelligent species has horns?

See next issue of  answers.

            Peace, Ruth


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2004 update

Address and prices on items is over 25 years old.   The items for sale are there jsut so you can see what things were going for in 1977.  Most of the typos were copied from the original zine.  Some pages were scanned and others were copied.   The reason veries some times the artwork on the scanned page comes out better by being part of a whole instead of scanning and adding to new page.   As we go along with this project you will notices changes in how we do it.   Again anyone who has an update to one of the issues let us know.  We will put togeter an update page.

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