Florida Fandom # 5

July 1978

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The Fandom Trader is back.  Boby Sommerkamp is once again putting out Fandom Trader, incorporating in it the Fanzine Connection.  Subscributions are 6 - 13 stamps for 12 issues or 12 - 13 stamps ofr 24 issues, well worth getting.  Price change - write Bobby for correct rates.


We uslly only plug Florida based banzines, but after reading a copy of AFTA we feel we must tell you about it.  Its one of the best zines to come along in a long time, its great fun to read and its 96 pages long and only $1.49.  To get yourself a copy (and you owe it to yourself to get one) send your dollor to Bill-Dale Marcinko, 47 Crater Ave. Wharton, NJ 07885.  Correct price 1.49 #2 208 pages - $1.49


Our first special issue will be out in late Nov. or early Dec.  This will be a salute to the super-heroines.  We welcome any and all contributions. (Contributors will recieve a free copy)  All contributions must be to us by July 15th.


The next issue of FF will be out around mid to late Feb. 1979.  We hope to have a few changes by then.  First we hope to have more information about whats happining in the Sunshine state.  We also hope to have more photo as we are planning on having our own darkroom with screening gaculitys.  Dale Snodgrass will become our photo editor.   We welcome contributions form all..


WANTED: Episodes of the MAGICIAN tav show in super 8 sound.  Write: Ruth Coy, 133 Akron St. Lake Worth, FL 33460


Kirby's secound Marvel-ous Age?

Phil Raymondo

  It would have been unthinkable to attempt an illustrated version of 2001: A Space Odyssey with out the cosmic wonder of Jack Kirby (Marv Wolfman's observation about the discoverer of the end of the universe finding Kirby's signature there is so True.)  Happily, Kirby adhered closely to the Clarke/Kubrick storyline, and didn't succumb (too much) to the temtation of adding dialogue where it isn't really necessary (another one of his storytelling shortcomings)  and letting the visuals do the communication, which was the original intent of Kubrick.

  The large double page spread of the llunar mining operations really grabbed me,  probably because htis is the kinkd f real use to which the moon will be put, hopefully in the near future.  The handling of the movie's "psychedelic" sequence was extremely well handled, thankfully shortened -- the movie did tend to drag during that portion.  Also presented well was the birth of the Star-Child.

  After the Treasury edition,  the smaller scope of the 30 2001 title was a let down in more ways than one.  Being mere rehashes of the larger version, the first two issues gave the impression of aimless wandering, of the stories being just thrown together to meet a cmmitment, with the author in search of a story.   With the saga of Marak the barbarian however, the writing seems to show evidence of a much firmer hand in control.

  Marak typifies mankind in its developmental stages, when technological advances were beginning to lift amn from his ignorance and barbarism.   The monolith is just another mechanism to explain the evolution of man as a result of intervention by alien intelligences.  Kirby is at his best with such logical plausibilitiesl and his enjoyment of their endless combinations are 3vident in these types of stories which are his best output.  The path to ultimate peace after peridos of warfare using


the products of man's technology is reminescent of Izaya's dilemma,  end ending of the story with no Star-Child reinforces the feeling of an overall direction to the series, away form repititon of the original story iwth variations.


  To date, the issues showing the most promise are #5 and #6,  The latest this author has read.  The comixville sequence was an absolute riot (like reading an old Cap story form the Golden Age) yet was right in line with other escape mechanisms which other writers have envisioned as necessary for the ultratechnological society.   As an example, Carnevalle in Jack Vance's To Live Forever,  Where masked participants indulged in pursuits designed to drain off tensions accumulated in their striving for immortality.  What esle is Disney World with its myriad of technical amusements and subtle yet omin-present crowd control but monitored escape?  The polluted, mostly underground city is right out of similar descritions in Fritz Leiber's "The Creature from Cleveland Depths" and other like stories -- Superb.


  The series as a whole has picked up considerable momentum with these two issues.   The pairing of Norton adn the Alien princess is the romantic side of Kiry showing through, but the message of universal brotherhood is the ultimate sign of man's development and his salvation is a central them of the series.

  The next issue promising more information on the fate of the Space Seeds should provide a clearer indication of the overall aim of the title.  Is each story to be merely an isolated vignette of human evolution resulting from hum contact with the monloith, or a connected tapestry upon which Kirby's speculations regarding the ultimate development of the human race will be worked in the life of the Space Seeds?  Are these to become yet another group of super-heroes after some gestation period, a cosmic FF, guardiansof space/time? We shall see.


  That takes care of what I call the kirbyesque part of his present output.   His efforts with more setablished Marvel heroes are definitely a poor second.   Here the need for an outside writer/editor is most evident, for all the faults in his storytelling style show up all too clearly.


Captain America is bad.  Even the admittedly fine art (well almost all of itis), due in no small part ot Giacolia's inks, can't salvage the poor dialogue and names; even the plots range from mediocre to downright awful.  I've started the primary reason earlier:  the mismatch of common sotry (for kirby) and galactic art, which produces a very unsatisfactory comic.

  Almost all of kirby's recent solor heroes-- Kamandi, The Demon, OMAC, Mr. Miracle ( to a lesser extent)--suffered from this.  Only the first issue special of Manhunter had the proper feel because of the mytholgical impications (The Demaon had the same feel in the begingin, but the promise was very quickly left unfilled). continued

SNODGRASS REPORT...................................................................................................................................

                       Splinter of The Minds Eye

  Luke expected trouble when he volunteered to follow Princess Leia on her mission to Circarpous to enlist the Rebel underground in the battle against the Emire.  But the farm bot from Tatooine hadn't counted on an unscheduled landing in the swamplands of Minban...hand't counted on any of the strange thing they would find on a jungled planet.

  Hidden on this planet was the Kaiburr crystal,  a very mysterious gem that would give the one who prossessed it such powers over the FORC that he would be all but invincible.  Int he wrong hands, the crystal could be deadly.  Lo Luke had to find this treasure and find it fast.

  Accompainied by R2D2 and C3PO Luke and the Princess set out fotr the Temple of Pomojema... and a conffrontation with most feared villian in the galzxy, the dark loard of the Sith, LORD DARTH VADER!

  From the further adventures of Luke Skywalker comes a new novel by Alan Dean Foster (co-author of the new Star Trek movie).  Splinter of the Minds Eye is an excellent continuation of the STAR WARS movie.


  Mr. Foster had taken the characters of Mr. Lucas and given us a deeper look at each (Shans Han Solo & Chewie).  We are told of the Princess's reasons for joining the rebvelliaon and her feeling for humanity.  Luke is shown as further shedding his innocence and broadening his scope of the universe.  He is further exposed th the crulty of not only the Empire, but of humanity in general.  But even after the closing battle with the personification of evil, Darth Vader, the reader can still sense within this sensitvie man a boyish love for mischief.  The few times that the Princess and Luke begin to show their feeling for eachother but then catch themselves, leaves the reader cheering them on.

  While Mr. Foster's book is excellent and must for all STAR WAR fans to read, the story itself would not make a good sequel movie.  Just another case of where a good movie can make a good book but not a good book a good movie.  Thus we hope that this novel is NOT hte next movie, but one of series of novels leading to the next movie.

   We appeal to the FORCE.................................................


Answers to last issues Star Wars Quiz

1) Remote 2) Level 5 cell AA-23-2187 3) Greedo 4) Jabba 5) Millenium Falcon  6) 94 7) Corellian  8) 0.5  9) 17,000  10) Flyboy


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THE FLASH, Jay Garrick after being bathed inthe fumes of hard water becomes  the fast man alive.  FIrst appeared in Flash Comics number one, January 1940.

He appeared in all 104 issues of Flash Comics and 32 issues of All Flash Comics.  He also appeared in Comics Cavlcade and was a member of the JSA appearing in All-Star Comics.



John Williams is fast establishing hemself as absolute monarch of the SF film soundtrack. And his latest collaboration with Steve Spielberg reinforces his position.  CE3K's music so fits the theme and tempo of the film that it has been described as occupying the position of a major character.  Spielber's liner notes bear this out, stating that the compositoin stands on its own as a serious symphonic achievement -- timeless and without restraints!


The MAIN TITLE sets the theme for the haunting melodies which characterize side one of the album and hte first part of the film.. It would play well in any good suspense movie, but perfectly sets the mood for things to come here.  The tense mood is carried on into NOCTURNAL PURSUIT, and even more so as THE ABDUCTION OF BERRY begins.   This music is similar to the ATMOSPHERES of 2001, but more intense, as we see withour minds eye the attempts ot hte aliens to whisk away Jillian Guiler's young son, Berry.  this is not music ot listen to inthe dark.  However the tone changes iwth  I CAN'T BELEIVE IT'S REAL, an ethereal, fairytale piece which brings visions of FANTASIA to mind.  As the last strains fade, the ominous tome of CLIMBING DEVIL'S TOWER begin, and again adventue and suspense take over, as Neary, Jillian, and their fellow travelers race to the crest of the mountain,  There they see THE ARRIVAL OF SKY HARBOR, to the accompaniment of sme truly awesome music.

This will always conjure visions of my fist glimpse oft he gigantic mother ship as it rose behind Devil'sTower.  It was an emotional high point in the climaz of the film, and the music helped make it so.



Again the music stimulates suspense with NIGHT SEIGE,  and wer are reminded of the Death Star sequence in STAR WARS,  but soon the tone again changes as THE CONVERSATION begins.  Here aliens and humans communicate in the soon-to-be-well-known five melodic tones, nad then expand to become an wlwctronci symphoney.  THE APPEARANCE OF THE VISITORS begins on a strained level, and we imagine the thought of the human welcoming committee as they wait for whatever is about to appear.


Soon the underlying theme of the movie appears, however, iwth the soaringly beautiful climax of this track.  As we listen to the RESOLUTION AND END TITLE. again the five tones appear in a moving finale, as the mother ship slowly receds into the night sky.

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LOS ANGELES (AP)- The Star Trek motion picture, which has been floating in space nearly as long as the starship Enterprise, has finally reached a friendly planet.

  The original cast of the "Star Trek" television series - including at last, Leonard Nimoy as the Vulcan Mr. Spock - has been assembled for the motion picture that may have, if not the largest potential audience in the history of the industry, certainly the most loyal.

  Michael D. Eisner, president of Paramount Pictures, said Tuesday that  demands from "star Trek" fans around the world has caused  the studio to reach agreement with everyone for the moivei.  He said it would be a major motion picture - with extensive special effects - costing more than all the orignal 79 TV episodes.  That would palce the budget at about $15 million.


PRODUCTION OF hte movies was announced at a news conference that attracted mort than 200 reporters as well as Barry Diller, Chariman of Paramount, and Charels Bludhorn, Present of Gulf and Western, the studio's parent company.


  "finally, after some years of trying we've got it all together." said Diller.  "It took me four years and before that another three years of effoert to get htat group together."

  Nimoy denied that he was a holdout form the movie cast, saying it had been a " a complicated relationship with Paramount for the last several years.   The main reason was the mail service between here and Vulcan is slow."

Nimoy said he did not object ot being idenified with Mr. Spock.   "I look forward to playing him for two reasons.  I wouldn't want any one else to play Spock and I wouldn't want to see a Star Trek Movie without him.

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The all time best is Walt Disney World.  This is best seen in two days.  We have found that the best time to go is Saturday nite and Sunday morining. (the jungle crusise after 11PM is a must).

While you are in the Orlando area a stop by Sea World is also very worthwhile.   Last summer thay had a Superhero ski show in the campy style of the Batman TV show of the 60's really great for a laugh.

A short hop form Orlando is hte Kennedy Space Center.  The bus tour shows you how hte astronauts trained and ends with a simulated launch.

ORLANDOcon '78

This year ORLANDOcon will be held Sept. 30 and OCt. 1 at the International Inn 6327 International Drive, Orlando, FL.  For tickets send $2.50 per day to OrLANDOcon'78, Box#1371, Orlando, FL 32802.  They will have 30 celebrity guest.

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The poor superhero has suffered in most of histransformations from the comic book to the T.V. screen.


The first major hero to come to TV was Superman.  for a 104 films starting in 1952 George Reeves played the Man of Steel.  For the young viewer the show was filled with excitemnt and adventure, but the older viewer could see it was played for fun.  Superman was a DEUS EX MACHINA instead of the star of the show.

We now wait until 1965 to see anotehr live action superhero.  We hear Batman is coming to the tube.  What we get is 120 films of Adam West doing his best to destroy Batman.  Superheroes become camp!!  As a comedy Batman was alright, as an adventure show - well it wasn't one.  From this sprang up several very short lived shows like Green Hornet, Capt. Nice adn Mr. Terrific.

Now we wait until the 70's adn Linda Carter becmes Wonder Woman.   Better done than Batman, but still not up to what the comic reader wants.   W>W. outfit attracts a large following, the bthe scripts make them suffer for there faithfulness.


Marvel decides the 70's is the time for them to come on the tube.   There first try is Spiderman.  A very well done adventure iwth some major changes in origain and supporting cast.

Next comes the green skinned HUlk.  This marks a first for a Superhero TV show.  Its written for adults and is shown after the family hour.   The Hulk on hte tube is not the same one in the comics, but it still is av ery good adventure show and the best of the transformations yet to be done...........


A LATE HELLO...........

Only five month bvehind in getting out FF.  Many things have come up to cause delay, but I will not go into them.  What I want to talk about is our special coming out towards the end of hte year.  Page count is still up in the air and cost will be between 75 and a $1.00 depending upoin the cost of putting it out.

We will be giving out free ads to people who put out Goodgirl and Supergirl publications as long as they are to size ahdn have artwork in them.  It will be the same size as FF and we do NO reducinig.

Paid ads will be at the same rates as this issue of FF.

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Back cover

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2007 notes

Remember this is almost 30 years old and ads and updates and address are things of the past.  Tried to leave in spelling errors as they appeared.   Looking at this issue its fun to note that INTERGALACTIC TRADING CO. is still around - I'm on their mailing list - have no idea if the adress is the same or not.   Its great when a store is around that long based on SF.

I most have felt everyone would know how to get in touch with Bobby Sommerkamp since I didn't put his address in the update.  We also noted with our plug for AFTA that we normally only plugged Florida zines - that ended with the next issue as we started plugging everyone who would send us a copy to review.  This was when FF sort of moved away from being just for and about Florida Fans.

I hope people are having fun looking at these old issues.  I will try and keep them coming.  I need a few hours of free time to do one. Scanning the pictues and retyping the artcles - I am thinking about just scanning one now that we are getting away from the early printings.  That may be how we do the rest - depends on how easy it is to read.

Rick - 2/28/07