Having been a fan of RAH and having read all his SF work was looking forward to this film in two way.. Wanting to see it, and worried about what they did to it.  Since the book was published in 1959 and the movie made in 1997 there were changes - some major. Rather they are good or bad will be debated at another time.  But the movie was good SF and it had the feel of RAH to it.  I think some of the changes were done to reflect his latter life writing. ( CO-ED ARMY)  If you like good SF you will enjoy Starship Troopers.  If you feel a movie must follow the book to a “T” you won’t like, as it stays from the book way too many times (Some could have been FX problems).

UPDATE: 10/2007: A number 2 has come out straight to DVD passing the big screen and is nothing more than a B SF movie with no feel of the original or RAH with it.

UPDATE: 11/2011: noted online that a number 3 came out also right to DVD haven’t seen it or even heard anything about it. Bad feeling about it also.