Being a DC fan, I hate to say, that Marvel is doing much better that DC with their taking their superheroes to the silver screen. X-Men I and II were very good and fairly true to the books, X-Men three the story sucked, but the heroes looked good. X-Men first class, wasn’t bad either and fit with the comics a little more than the others. The three Spiderman movies were also well done. With the Hulk the second film was much better than the first. Daredevil good. Iron Man -could not have gotten a better Iron Man - both movies good. Thor ... Being a silver age Thor fan would have liked it to be a little more like that with Don Blake and the cane...but it was still a good story. Both Fantastic Four movies were not bad, much better than I though they would be.  Even if the Big G sucked big time in the second, but the Silver Surfer was great.  Capt. America first Avenger was good ... I though I wouldn’t like the costume change, but they did it so it made since. They should have named it Capt. America and his Howling Commandos .  Nic Cage made a good Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider.  Electra was so so and didn’t go anywhere..

We are looking towards The Avengers, Iron Man II, a reboot of Spiderman (making it more like the Silver Age version). We can take any of the film and nit pick them, as they are not like the comics completely .... Some of this is from using things from various times within the 50 so years of Marvel comics.  Other things is a writer or director trying to put there own slant on the story.  But on the whole they are good.

I’m not going into anyone film as we may review them by themselves wither here or in a future e-zine Florida Fandom.  Most of the films are out on DVD/Blue ray and many can be gotten in discount bins.