Update in the original Florida Fandom was about NEW Cons, zines, and so on.  With the online version we will have information on older cons, zines, clubs, what have you.  If you want to be listed here for a con send us information on the con with website and or email to get in touch. The same with clubs , zines, and egroups. Contact us at update@floridafandom.com . Please note that if you send us information to our Yahoo email it may never see print as we don’t check it very much. Use the email address on this page. And in the subject put FFUpdate or ConUpDate - so it will not get deleted.  Don’t use “Hello” or “information you wanted” as those are lines used by spammers.  Make sure all needed information is included, as whenever possible we will just cut and paste what you send us. Also if you have a con that’s every year and keep a website we will make a link on our CON page.

Been to a con and want to tell about it, this is the place to do so, and pictures are always welcome.

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The Fandom Directory has been a great help over the year for finding other fans.  It also gets you on mailing list of things you are really interested in. It use to cost a stamp to get listed,now you can do it on line at there website. We have been listed in the directory since it’s beginning.

The above picture was done by Steven Fox