When I was a kid I watched Lost In Space on TV.  I liked the idea behind the show, but the TV show was hokey. (This was during the time of STAR TREK and LIS didn’t come anywhere near STAR TREK). I felt the same thing about Time Tunnel and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, so you may see a pattern forming here. In  the late 90’s a series of Lost In Space comics came out, doing it the way it should have been done on the TV show.  I enjoyed the short lived comics very much.  But at that time there was only hope of a good movie being made.  The Movie has been made!!! It’s great!!  Don West is a war hero, who is upset to have to baby set the Robinson’s on their trip.  Dr. Robinson created the Jupiter 2, Judy is a scientist working on the Jupiter 2 also.  Will is a boy genus, who’s father doesn’t realize it.  Penny is a teenager who feels her world is ending to have to go on the trip. Maureen is the scientist / Mother who keep her head when trouble happens.  Dr. Smith is truly evil and Robot is Robot...If you are familiar to the TV show, the above sound about the same, but they are not.  They are more real.  The effects are realistic, the creatures are Jim Henson (so we have muppet evil creatures and muppet good creatures.)  I don’t want to say too much, except see  it.  I think fans of the old show will like, fans of the comic will like it, and SF fans will like it.  So if you are one or more of these groups...see the video.