Into The Looking Glass

By John Ringo

This is the first book in the Looking Glass series.  The title may sound fantasy, but this is hard SF with a nice dash of humor.  A good part of it takes place in Florida added an extra enjoyment for me. When a project goes wrong at the University of Central Florida that results in a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion. Well once terrorists are ruled out it seems the project gone wrong is creating doorways into other worlds or “Looking Glass”.  Not bad until really bad things start coming out of them. The hero of the story and following series is Dr William Weaver, PHD in everything form nuclear physics to electrical engineering. And we have Navy Seals and a lot of different planets - a great start for a series. In latter novels we will find that they create a FTL spaceship out of a nuclear submarines. The whole series is great fun and adventure..

John Ringo