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Since creating Florida Fandom 2011 we have been wanting to do another one. FF 2011 had the largest circulation of any other issue. The New FF will be a yearly coming out in October of each year.  We are looking for contributions for this years issue, from  people who have done work for Florida Fandom in the past or other fan projects Ruth and I have worked on in the past, and from people new to Florida Fandom. To be part of this you do not need to live in Florida or even like Florida. We are not working on Florida Fandom in East Tennessee. The normal pay for a fanzine contribution was a free copy of the zine since most Fanzines stayed in the red and person who contributed the art, article, or story would retain the copyright to their contribution.  And that is the pay for this and future issues, since it is being given away free there will be no profit - so feel free to download a copy for yourself, and also send copies to your friends.

Update is our what’s happening page. It’s a listing for clubs, zines, stores, on-line groups, and cons.  All of these must be related to comics or SF. Just send the following information:

CLUBS: Name of club, were located, who can join, dues, when are meeting, and a little about clubs.

ZINES: Name, cost, were to get, size and format, publisher/editor, what it is about.

STORES: Name, Address, hours of business, a little about, web site if you have one. (Make sure you include city and state with address)

ON-LINE GROUPS: Name, who can join, address, what it is about.

CONS: Name, dates, address of con, address to join or get more information, website if you have one. Information of the con, guest, panels, films.

Theses were self bios on your fanish life.  So that we could know a little more about the person who’s done art, written a LOC, wrote a story or an article or review.  At least that was the way it was…now some of you may want to write it that way and if you are new to FF that's fine, but to you old Farts like me, a what you are up to now would be great be great.  Let us know what you been doing these last two or three decades (or more).  Remember you are writing it - don’t have to give any of the bad times, just the good and fun times, the fanish things. And to you who have gone PRO – a little about some of the projects you have done.  Now this is not required of people giving a contribution - its just for the ones that want to, and this can be your only contribution.  These were always fun.

What we are looking for are large (Full, half, and ¼ Page), Spot illos, cartoons, small strips. They should related to comics, SF&F, Star Trek, Star Wars,horror, Superhero movies, TV Shows.  They can be old or new.  If possible send them in JPEG format. We will also need covers.

This covers a lot. Reviews of comics, movies, books or TV Shows. Articles about Fandom, Pros, celebrities, cons, almost anything relating to comics and SF&F. Short fiction. Quizzes, Puzzles, Poems, Filk Songs, LOC. Need to be in doc, docx, or text format except puzzles which should be in JPEG format.

Looking for photos of cons, costume parties/contest, and other fan related events.  These can be both old and new. Love to see pictures of some of the cons in South Florida like Palm Beach Con I and the mini-cons. But they can be from anywhere…past the first issue of FF was not just a Florida based zine.  In fact we now put FF together in the Mountains of East Tennessee. Photos should be ones that you have taken or have the rights to.  Please send in JPEG format if at all possible.

In almost every issue of FF there were ads.  Most were mine at first then we started trading ads with other zines. Some of the ads had the best artwork in them and added to the zine. For a free ad they most: Be related to a topic of interest to the zine.  They must be in JPEG format. They have art or graphics in them. They should be done so that size doesn’t matter as we may use them as large as full page or as small as ¼ page.  These are filler. We will even take some classified type ad, as this can sometimes be used as filler at the bottom of a page.  Since these are filler they may not be printed - but the better looking it is the better it’s chance.

Send items to .This email address is only for contributions  to the zine including LOC.